Our clinics are usually free of charge, will be on a one to one basis and are designed to offer advice on maintaining the health and wellbeing of your much-loved companion, from a new pet being introduced into the home onwards throughout its life. So even if there is nothing actually wrong with your pet and you just need some general advice please contact the practice and make an appointment to come and see us.


Puppy and Kitten clinics

These clinics are an opportunity to help owners start their new pets on the right road for a healthy, happy life. Topics covered include diet, basic training, general health problems, neutering, etc., and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions related to your pet.


Rabbits and small furries

These have very different needs to dogs and cats. Whether your pet is a rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil or any other small mammals, bring them along to see Mrs Lester and advice on general husbandry, diet and preventative health care will be given.


Weight clinic

Your pet will be regularly weighed when visiting Lester Pet Care. Even if you haven’t seen the vet for some time, feel free to call in and put your pet on the scales. This will ensure that your pet is keeping within healthy limits. If you are concerned about a weight problem, overweight or underweight, a change of diet may be the simple answer.


Geriatric clinics

Having an old pet can be worrying. In old age their needs change and things may happen to worry you. Your pet may start to act differently. There could be a sudden weight loss or gain. Don’t worry about it alone, give Lester Pet Care a call and we will help your pet through the older years.


Your pet is part of your family. We like to think that we are an extension to that family and we will do all that we can at Lester Pet Care Clinic to help your pet to have a long and healthy life.


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